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Do you have a high battery turnover in your vehicle repair shop? Why buy the same much more expensive product locally, when you could receive your top brand batteries at an unbeatable price within 24 - 48 hours?

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How do we manage to sell top brand batteries so cheap?

It is possible that the traditional competition, who cannot come close to our prices or the quality of our products, will tell you that our batteries are used, that they are old batteries that have been in storage for a long time, that we will probably disappear in a short time, etc.

Nothing could be further from the truth: we have been in the business for many years selling batteries and we hope to be many more years, we only work with batteries from the main manufacturers and, thanks to our high turnover and sales volume, we offer the most recent batteries on the market.

Our business is based on the following pillars: high product turnover and minimal infrastructure. 


High rotation in batteries

Our high battery sales volume and high product turnover allow us to have batteries of the highest quality, with a very short shelf life, and, more importantly, obtain the best prices from manufacturers.


Minimal infrastructure

On the other hand, having a minimal infrastructure allows us to eliminate all those costs that are not productive for our clients. We only have what is fair and necessary to be able to provide a good service.

In addition, we understand batteries, not warehouses or distribution or administrative tasks, for this we subcontract the best companies, which thanks to our volume, offer us unbeatable conditions that represent a minimum percentage per battery.

Our obsession is precisely that: to minimize the cost of infrastructure per battery to offer that price reduction to our customers.

For this reason, our fixed expenses are minimal: we do not have expensive warehouses, nor large offices, nor a large number of personnel, nor delivery vans.  

Are you interested in us having expensive warehouses, large offices, a large number of administrative employees, delivery vans, etc ...? Probably not! What you are probably really interested in is that we can offer you very competitive prices, quality products, good service and problem solving.

Well, all that is what our exclusive club of associated workshops offers you. 

Advantages of belonging to our special program of associated workshops

Competitive prices on batteries

Our own market studies indicate that buying on can save more than 30%.

This means that, just by buying on, you can directly save more than 30% of the cost of the battery, selling the same thing !!! If you buy 20 batteries per month, at an estimated average cost of € 50, that means a saving of € 300 (20 batteries x € 50 = € 1,000 - 30% savings = € 700)

See for yourself. See our prices on the web that are public and make numbers!

In addition, by belonging to our club of associated workshops, you can access special offers only for our members. We will periodically offer special offers only for associates.

In the same way, we will study your order proposals by quantity to offer you the best possible price.

Lastly, all of our standard prices are shipping separately, which benefits you if you buy in quantity.


Quality batteries

We know the market and the product and we are only going to offer you batteries of the highest quality. We do not want problems for ourselves, for you or for your customers.

We are always going to offer you quality-assured batteries manufactured by leading brands.

Thanks to our business model, we have been able to offer you top-brand batteries at second-brand prices. However, we also have private label batteries manufactured by the main manufacturers (Varta, Tudor, etc ...).


Battery installation service

As an associate workshop, we will refer customers who need the battery installation service. You will charge for the installation of the battery and, in addition, you will have the opportunity to build customer loyalty for other types of services: reviews, pre-ITV, oil changes, etc ...

We will bring business to your workshop!


All kinds of batteries and battery related products

The web is a small sample of all the articles that we have available: second-brand batteries from the main manufacturers (Varta, Tudor ...), vehicle starters, battery testers, professional chargers, etc ...

Just tell us what you need and we will find it for you, as always at the best price!



At we have extensive experience in the sale and installation of all types of batteries. Put yourself in the hands of professionals for all questions regarding batteries. We will help you to resolve incidents, to choose the most suitable battery for each vehicle and / or application, to find specific battery elements: starters, chargers, special terminals, etc.


Preferential hotline

Our clients of the workshop program enjoy a preferential and professional telephone service, which will take care of solving any type of incident with batteries as soon as possible.


Good service

In just 24 - 48 hours, we can deliver the batteries you need directly to your business. In addition, by having recurring purchases, we can study in each area which courier company works best to deliver your batteries by that courier.


Problem solving

We work with batteries of the highest quality, therefore, the actual number of incidents is minimal. However, if there is any incident during transport, with a product or with any other issue related to the products purchased, we will be here to do everything possible to resolve the incident in the shortest possible time and with maximum satisfaction for our customers.


Selling tips

Periodically you will receive a newsletter with key tips to maximize the profit of your workshop: sales strategies, market segmentation, advertising, etc ...

If our clients grow, we will grow too!


Free cost

Being an associate workshop of has no cost for you. It is completely free. Partner with us and start enjoying the advantages of belonging to our workshop program from day one.

We want to be your battery partner! Join us and start enjoying all the advantages of belonging to our special workshop program from day one.