Instalacion de baterias a Domicilio Barcelona

Replacing your car battery just got easier. Our home battery installation service has arrived in Barcelona.

At we are aware of the growing need and demand of our customers and consumers, we are concentrating all our efforts to always provide you with the best possible service, offering the best prices on the market, a wide catalog that includes only the leading brands in the sector and, of course, advice. totally free for you to buy the battery you need at the best price.

That is why we are now launching a new home battery installation service.



Battery failure is one of the most frustrating moments for any driver. If you live or are in Barcelona for business or pleasure, living your day to day in peace when you suddenly get into your car, try to start it and there is simply no response, your vehicle has left you stranded and you clearly need a drums. No problem! If the battery of your car, motorcycle or van has reached its end, call us and we will go to change the battery of your vehicle at your home or wherever you indicate us. Easy, comfortable and effective with our home battery assembly service.

Change the battery of your vehicle without leaving home, in a matter of minutes we will have sent a unit. That's right, will go to your home to install the battery quickly and efficiently, so you can return to work or travel as soon as possible and without complications.

All, or almost all, have lived the experience of having a failure in the battery of our car. Finding yourself in this situation is irritating and generally inappropriate. The solution seems simple and relatively quick, but in general you will have to request help from another vehicle to start it and then move it to a workshop to be able to replace the battery.

Now you can streamline times and avoid problems by calling

Call, indicate the model of your vehicle and in minutes we will go to solve the incident wherever you are, we will go to your home, business or wherever you need it. We assure you that our prices are the most competitive in the market, in addition to the fact that we only work with top brand batteries.


instalacion baterias in situ madrid

Battery mounting at your location

We will go to the place you need to change the battery on site. In addition to Barcelona, ​​we also carry out this service in MadridMálagaSevillaZaragoza and

baterias baratas madrid

Best price on batteries

Hundreds of customers endorse us every day with their purchases, we have the best prices on the market. What sets us apart from the rest, our close customer service.

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Quick and easy installation

You will not need to go to any workshop, wait for your appointment date, or ask someone to help you start the engine. In a matter of minutes we will go and make the change.

Let us take care of everything, our technicians will go to your home, workplace or wherever you tell us to mount your car battery.

Rest assured that calling a mechanic or breakdown service will cost you much more than using our home battery installation service. Save time and money at, we also assure you that you will get a good battery for your vehicle.

These are the locations included in our home delivery service:

Barcelona | Badalona | l'Hospitalet de Llobregat



We are transforming the way we work, that is why we have added a new EXPRESS delivery service, where you can choose from hundreds of products to have your battery delivered to your home within 14 hours.

That's right, search our catalog for the battery you need by entering the brand and/or battery amperage or calling our customer service directly to tell you the type of battery your vehicle needs. Once you have located the battery you need, you can confirm that the 14-hour home delivery service is available for that product and you can request it. So, if you buy your battery today, tomorrow (business day) you will receive your battery before 2:00 p.m. Efficacy and results.

Did you know that batteries that have been stored for a long time dramatically affect the performance of your vehicle and the life of the battery itself. Why buy a battery in Alcampo, or buy a car battery in Carrefour? First, make sure you buy the battery for your vehicle at a price that takes care of your pocket, and only from recognized brands in the sector, but above all, that they are recently manufactured.

Our website is specialized in the sale of batteries from leading brands in the sector at unbeatable prices, since we have a high volume of sales, we do not have expensive infrastructures and thanks to the daily rotation of batteries that we have, we can offer you the best price in batteries.

baterias a domicilio

24 hour battery delivery

Call our customer service if you have questions about what type of battery you need and we will advise you, make your purchase and we will deliver it in 1 business day.

baterias baratas a domicilio madrid

Battery delivery at home 14hrs

Buy your battery today and tomorrow before 2:00 p.m. you will have it at your home, hundreds of products already have our special delivery service

instalacion a domicilio en madrid

Installation of batteries at home

Do not worry about anything, we will go to the place you indicate. Easy, fast and worry free.



Any customer who needs a battery for their car, motorcycle, truck or van can contact us to receive personalized attention and free advice before, during and after the purchase, we first want to make sure that you purchase the correct battery for your vehicle at the best price, our delivery service is 24/48 hours but now you know that you can choose to have your battery delivered to your home in 14 hours and if you need it, you can even request that we advise you on the installation of your battery. Simpler than that? Well yes, call and we will take care of the installation of your battery by sending a mobile battery installation and replacement unit wherever you are, and in the blink of an eye, you will be back in your day to day.