Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah

Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah Cyclon - 1
  • Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah Cyclon - 1

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The battery for energy storage Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V has the following features:

Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V Battery 4V Monoblocs
4V2.5Ah (10h)4.60 x 7.95 ø
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  • Cyclon 4V-D

  • battery for energy storage

  • CYCLON Battery 4V Monoblocs

  • Cyclon

  • 4V-D

  • 4 V

  • 2.5Ah (c10)

  • 4.60 x 7.95 ø

  • AGM


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Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V

If you are looking for a battery with exceptional power and a long lifespan, the 4V Cyclon Cyclon 4V-D batteries manufactured by Enersys are the right ones as they have been specially designed for SAI/UPS systems, Medical Equipment and Energy Storage.

In addition, its 99.99% pure lead plates offer more active surface area and can deliver more power than conventional batteries.

Features of Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V batteries

  • Security valve

  • 99.99% pure lead plate

  • Robust construction

  • Voltage stability

  • Fast charge

  • Suitable for working in extreme temperature conditions

  • Great resistance to vibrations

Battery Applications Cyclon 4V-D

  • Telecommunications Systems

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (SAI / UPS)

  • Electric vehicles

  • Medical equipments

  • Solar energy

  • lawnmower

The Battery Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V Battery 4V Monoblocs belongs to the CYCLON Battery 4V Monoblocs product range and has been designed and built to the highest German quality standards. Put your trust in Varta batteries just like the main car manufacturers on the market already do. Car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Audi or BMW rely on Varta to power the electrical system of their vehicles.

If you want additional information about Battery Cyclon 4V-D, you can download the product's technical sheet at the following link:

vertical_align_bottomDownload technical sheet Cyclon 4V-D 2.5Ah 4V


Data sheet

CYCLON Battery 4V Monoblocs
4.60 cm
0.36 Kgs
2.5Ah (c10)
7.95 cm
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