At, we are wholesalers of batteries.

If you have a battery distribution store, whether it's an automotive spare parts store, a nautical store, or an orthopedic store, and you're looking for quality batteries at competitive prices, look no further. At, we want to be your battery supplier.

Our business model is based on eliminating everything that does not provide value to the customer in order to offer a product of the highest quality at the best price.

Imagine a traditional battery wholesaler. This type of company usually has a wide commercial network, many employees on staff, and a presence throughout the country. They probably have one or more industrial warehouses located in strategic locations and an extensive distribution network. If you visit their warehouse, you can see that they have a large investment in large quantities of batteries waiting to be dispatched.

But do you really need a salesperson to visit you as a professional? Have you considered the cost this incurs for your supplier? Do you know the cost of renting a large warehouse in an industrial park in any city? Or the cost of maintaining a fleet of vans and delivery employees?

In our case, we have chosen to eliminate all of these costs and transfer the savings directly to our customers. By reducing these expenses, we can offer prices that our traditional competitors cannot reach precisely because of all the fixed costs they have in personnel, infrastructure, and immobilized assets.

And we have achieved all of this by dispensing with expensive commercial networks, subcontracting all those services that are not critical to the business, and using state-of-the-art technology that allows us to predict demand and place continuous orders to have an effective product availability close to 100% with minimal inventory:

Next, we list everything that sets us apart from the competition and explain how our difference helps us lower the product cost without affecting quality or service:

360-degree Sales Rep

If you work with a traditional battery wholesaler and have a problem with receiving your order, you must speak to the logistics department. If it's a problem related to the stock of a specific product, you must contact the warehouse, and if it's a pricing issue, you must speak to your sales rep, who is likely busy visiting another client and unable to assist you at that moment.

We have not only dispensed with an expensive commercial network for your benefit but also created the concept of a 360-degree sales rep.

You will have a highly qualified sales rep available at all times who will advise you for free and instantly on any battery-related issue, resolve any doubts related to an order, product availability, etc... and also manage any incident.

In other words, one sales rep for everything.

Subcontracted Warehouse

As with our sales network, we do not have our own warehouses. Instead, we use subcontracted warehouses with trained personnel for battery management.

As we have explained, our obsession is saving on products and in subcontracted warehouses, we pay for the space we occupy. For this reason, we have developed state-of-the-art technology that allows us to have product availability close to 100% with the minimum amount of product in storage. To achieve this, our software places daily orders with the factory, which helps us reduce the space available in the warehouse to a minimum, decrease our investment in immobilized assets, and most importantly, have the most recent manufacturing batteries on the market.

Our philosophy is based on a phrase that our CEO often mentions: "Every day a battery stays in the warehouse, it costs us money and our customers money."

Again, it's all advantages for our customers: significant savings that we pass on to them and the latest manufacturing batteries.

Subcontracted Delivery

We also do not have delivery personnel or vans of our own. We subcontract all transport and only work with those delivery companies that offer us the best prices and the best service.

Again, we invest the savings in reducing the price of our products. Additionally, we do not have any commitments, so if a transport company does not function adequately, we can change it.

Cash Payment

Indeed, we only accept cash payment. By accepting cash payment, we avoid working with credit companies that charge a significant percentage on the product price, slow down order management, and generate a series of bureaucratic processes (remittance management, check or promissory note payment, etc.) that reflect in the product cost.

If you need to finance your purchases, you can always seek external financing for your orders, but if you have the ability to pay in cash, do it with us and save yourself that 3%-4% that your current provider will charge you for financing.

Is it worth paying a surcharge of 3%-4% on the product price for financing at 60 days?

Low Prices Always

Traditional battery distributors often adjust their prices based on the end customer. If you are a good customer who buys in quantity, you may have good conditions, but if for whatever reason you do not have a large sales volume, the prices they give you may not be very good. It is also very common for sales representatives or companies to offer specific deals if they need to close sales or if the competition makes an offer. This happens in many cases.

All of this is based on the fact that the supplier keeps a certain profit margin on the product to offer it to you depending on various circumstances. In other words, if the supplier does not see it as necessary or thinks you are a captive customer, you will not have access to that additional benefit.

In our case, it is different. We do not work with offers and do not have the ability to reduce the price of the product. The price you see is the best price we can offer you.

With us, you will not have to bargain, and you will not think we give you a worse price than another customer with a greater purchasing power. We treat all customers equally, large or small, and the only difference in price is for transportation.

For that reason, we have the price of transportation separate to pass on the savings offered by courier companies to the companies that place larger orders.

Again, while the competition has already calculated the cost of delivery in their prices and if you buy 20 batteries, they will charge you for 20 times the transportation cost. With us, you will take advantage of the savings in transportation offered by courier companies when buying in quantity.

Battery Distributors 4.0

In short, at we are battery wholesalers or distributors with a business model clearly oriented towards eliminating all those costs that do not add value to the product or service in order to offer you high-quality batteries at unbeatable prices.

Thanks to our latest generation tools and our philosophy of eliminating everything that does not add value to reduce the price of the product, we are in a position to offer you conditions that your regular supplier is very likely unable to match.

Dare to break with tradition, try our battery distribution service, and get on board with new ways of doing business. You will be more competitive and agile than the competition and it will allow you to increase your market share.