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Economic batteries in Málaga

In we offer home installation service in Málaga. If you need to acquire a battery, you can make the purchase on our website and choose to add the home installation service. With this service you will not have to worry about anything. By including the installation service a qualified technician will move to where you indicate to perform the installation of the battery in situ

If you look for a reliable website and with affordable rates, you have reached the right site. is the main platform for the sale and distribution of batteries. We specialize exclusively in a product: the batteries, which allows us to maintain high sales rotation and a considerable volume of purchases. We have created a business model in which we have dispensed with unnecessary expenses that would only increase the final price of the product, such as considerable investments in infrastructure (stores, distribution fleets, personal, etc.). In this way, we can offer competitive prices. This form of work allows us to transfer all these savings directly to the cost of the product, allowing our customers to acquire batteries of the highest quality at unmatched prices.

We have many years in the market and we continually apply our experience to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. In addition, we are audited by the independent company Tustpilot, where thousands of customers have shared their reviews sincerely and without censorship, expressing their gratitude for our attention and service.

Then you can see the services available in Málaga:

  • Home battery installation service in Málaga

    Congratulations, at you can hire the battery installation service in Málaga!.

    Next we show how the battery assembly service works at Málaga:

    • At the bottom of the page you can see the batteries that are available in Málaga for home installation. If you do not find the battery you are looking for, it is very likely that there is another equivalent battery suitable for the installation in your vehicle (if you have doubts, call us to our customer service and we will advise you for free). Once the appropriate battery has been selected, make the purchase and after entering the address, all the services available in Málaga will appear. Select the battery installation service and finish the purchase.

    • When confirming the purchase, you are facilitated by a phone and a locator of your order. Calling the indicated phone and giving the locator of your order, you will be given an appointment to assemble your battery in the address indicated in the order. The appointment will depend on the availability of the installer but in normal circumstances, it is usually given within 1 to 4 hours.

    However, for any questions related to the home battery installation service you can call us our customer service phone

  • Urgent battery shipping service in Málaga

    In Málaga we have the urgent battery delivery service available. This service is available for a large number of batteries and allows you to receive the battery the next day (Monday to Saturday) making the purchase from Monday to Friday before 18:30.

    The urgent battery delivery service is a very simple and useful service if you are urgent to receive your battery as soon as possible. To hire it, first, verify that your product is suitable for the urgent battery delivery service and make the purchase. In the event that your product was not suitable for urgent service, it is very possible that we have another product of similar characteristics available for this service. However, if you have doubts, you can call us at our customer service. Once the product is selected, make the purchase. After entering the address, all the services that are available in Málaga will appear. If the urgent delivery service for your order is available, you can make the purchase with this service before 6:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday to receive your battery comfortably at home the next day (Monday to Saturday) and will receive your battery comfortably at home according to the selected time slot: 09:00 to 14:00 for urgent service 14 hours and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the case that you have selected the urgent service 19 hours. Note: This urgent service does not deliver batteries or Sundays or holidays

  • Battery return service without additional cost at Málaga

    Have you bought a battery and are not satisfied? Do not worry, in Málaga it has the free return of batteries!

    Are you not satisfied with your battery? In we offer a free battery return service. Simply call us to advise and send the new battery with collection of the old one. When we get the battery that initially bought, we will pay the full amount of the battery.

    Have you bought a battery and are not satisfied? Don't worry, in we help you! Simply call us to request collection from your battery and when the battery arrives, we will pay the full amount of the battery.