If you live Salamanca and it has run out of battery in your car, truck or motorcycle, it has several alternatives:

Install the battery in a Salamanca workshop

First, you can consider going to a salamanca vehicle workshop to make you replace your car's battery. However, this alternative has several drawbacks: If you do not know a workshop of your trust, you should look for one, request an appointment, move the vehicle, which is very probably not booting, expecting you to replace your battery, go pick up the car, etc ... as it is reasonable , will charge you working hours at the stipulated price and almost certainly charged the battery at the price recommended by the manufacturer, which is far superior at our price. Furthermore, not all mechanical workshops install batteries of first brands. This option could be considered the simplest, however, it is the least economic and the one that needs the most time.

Acquire a battery in a store like Carrefour, Alcampo, Norauto or Midas

Another alternative would be to buy a battery at a shopping center or self-center of Salamanca. In this way, for serving an example, it could acquire its battery in Norauto, in Carrefour, or in Midas. Here you will also be paying enough for the same battery. If you acquire your battery in a shopping center, such as Carrefour or Alcampo, the battery may take saved time in warehouse and if the purchase in some self-center, will charge you an extra amount for the installation of the battery.

Acquire a battery in batterias.com

To finish, live in the living place of Salamanca, you will be able to acquire a battery on our specialized website: "batterias.com". In this way, you will be able to obtain a free advice to choose the battery that best suits your vehicle or application. In addition, you will get your first brand battery with comfort in your home with a delivery service in twenty-four hours and, in addition, we will advise you for free for the installation of your battery. In addition, on our website you can consult a large amount of photos and tutorials, where you will teach you how to change your car's battery, see if a battery serves for your vehicle, how to correctly locate the positive pole of your battery, etc ...