ABSAAR Battery Chargers

Rest assured that ABSAAR products are synonymous with quality, because when mentioning the ABSAAR brand we mean state-of-the-art German technology. If you are looking for a quality battery charger, don't hesitate: ABSAAR chargers are an excellent choice.

At baterias.com we can make this statement, since we are the main supplier of all types of batteries, starters and chargers, we only look for the best brands, that is why ABSAAR products are in our catalogue.


Talking about German technology is enough to certify the reliability of the products that ABSAAR offers us, not to mention the +40 years of experience that ABSAAR has in the vehicle battery market.

All ABSAAR brand chargers have passed strict quality control to meet high international standards.

Among the products offered by ABSAAR you will find in its catalog two types of chargers: Standard and Automatic, suitable for batteries with lead-acid, Gel and AGM technology. With an amperage range of 6 to 15 amps and a voltage of 6 to 12 volts.

Automatic Chargers: ABSAAR brand automatic chargers will not need to be manually disconnected once the battery is fully charged. You will be able to leave the charger connected to the battery and the charger will automatically stop the charging process once the battery is fully charged. In addition to other advantages.

Standard Chargers: On the other hand, standard ABSAAR chargers are those in which the charger must be manually disconnected when the charging process is complete.

Maintenance chargers: Ideal for batteries that are not used for a long time, the battery can be continuously connected to the charger, it will charge optimally since the charger will automatically switch to trickle charge when the battery is full.

ABSAAR N/E chargers: Whether electronic/automatic or standard chargers, ABSAAR N/E chargers have the option to choose between standard (low) and fast (fast) charging.

ABSAAR A/M chargers: Whether electronic/automatic or standard chargers, ABSAAR A/M chargers will allow you to choose the 6/12V charging voltage and charge for motorcycles or vehicles. For example:


If you are looking for cheap chargers, you do not have to give up buying a top brand. On our website you will find the best price on chargers that meet the stipulated production and manufacturing standards. We assure you that ABSAAR products will favorably cover your needs, since the brand has specific ranges for each type of application.

At baterias.com you will find a wide catalog of battery chargers at the best price, and best of all, suitable for operating batteries with acid/lead, AGM and Gel technology.

In addition to standard and automatic chargers, you will find the Professional range in our catalogue.

ABSAAR Professional chargers

12/24V chargers ideal for heavy vehicles such as trucks, vans and boats. The most purchased are the following:

  • ABSAAR 22 AMP 12V Charger N/E AmpM - 22AMP Charger with Standard Charge for 30-160Ah. Fast Charge for 50-225Ah

  • ABSAAR 30 AMP 12/24V Charger N/E AmpM - 30AMP Charger with Standard Charge for 30-120Ah. Fast Charge for 50-350Ah

  • ABSAAR SL30 amp charger 12-24 V AmpM - 30AMP charger with 170AMP starting function, for a range of 80-450Ah batteries

  • ABSAAR SL40 amp 12-24 V AmpM charger - 40AMP charger with 250AMP starting function, for a range of 100-600Ah batteries

Free advice on choosing your charger

One of the most frequent questions among users is knowing which battery charger to choose for their car. If you're not sure, don't worry!

At baterias.com we offer you a totally free and non-binding advisory service for choosing your ABSAAR charger. If you have doubts about the right choice or you are not sure if a type of charger can work for your vehicle, give us a call! We will advise you for free and then you will decide whether to make the purchase or not.

Buy now the ABSAAR charger you need, at the best price

With baterias.com everything is an advantage, so do not hesitate and buy your charger now with the greatest security and peace of mind, and receive it comfortably at home!

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