Battery Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V Super Gel MOTOBATT - 1
  • Battery Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V Super Gel MOTOBATT - 1

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Battery for motorcycle or quad Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V has the following characteristics:

Battery Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V Super Gel

  • Motobatt MTX9A

  • Motorcycle battery

  • [YTX9BS]



  • MTX9A

  • 12 V

  • 9Ah (c20)

  • 9Ah (c10)

  • 140A

  • 151x87x105

  • Gel

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On the contrary, your vehicle is equipped with a start-stop system, there are two main technologies: AGM or EFB.

To find out if the technology is compatible with our vehicle, we can consult the vehicle manual (in some cases it specifies it) or see if the original battery has any of these acronyms or texts: AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) .

If your vehicle has a start-stop system, has high energy demands or requires deep discharges, we recommend an AGM technology battery.

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Vehicle electrical equipment: if we have a lot of electronics in the vehicle, we recommend looking for a battery with a high capacity

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Battery Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V

A gel battery is like an AGM battery with the difference that a chemical compound is added to it which produces a gel-like effect during electrolysis.

Gel batteries are recommended for daily use in hot climates

The motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V battery has been designed for best performance, increased power, and up to 50% longer life cycles.

In addition, the motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A batteries are completely safe against spills and more resistant to vibrations.

  • 20% more power compared to conventional batteries

  • Authentic Genuine Gel imported from Germany

  • Up to 50% more life cycles

  • SW technology to increase self discharge time and battery life

Attention: On February 1, 2021, Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 of the Council and European Parliament came into force, on the commercialization and use of explosives precursors, which reclassifies sulfuric acid with concentrations greater than 10% as a precursor substance that could used illicitly in the manufacture of explosives.

This implies that all motorcycle batteries without exception will be activated before shipment. It will not be possible to send the sulfuric acid separately for activation by the customer.

Battery for motorcycle or quad Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A 9Ah 140A 12V has been manufactured using the most demanding materials and manufacturing processes for maximum power.

Motobatt is characterized by its constant innovation. The Quadflex system or the new and exclusive hybrid technology patented by Motobatt, is good proof of this.

For that reason, Motobatt batteries are recognized worldwide as a premium battery brand.

If you are looking for the highest quality, do not hesitate to purchase a Motobatt YTX9BS MTX9A battery

  • High-end battery

  • Maximum power at start (CCA)

  • Maximum capacity (Ah)

  • Designed for the most demanding motorcycles (Harley Davidson, BMW, etc ...)


Data sheet

151.00 mm
87.00 mm
105.00 mm
3.18 Kgs
9Ah (c20)
9Ah (c10)
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