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FULLRIVER FF Series Batteries

FULLRIVER's FF (Full Force) series batteries are general purpose batteries for deep cycle applications. The Full Force series offers batteries as true dual purpose batteries. Like all batteries in the Fullriver line, Full Force is designed to meet the highest standards, but in addition, these batteries incorporate thick plates of pure virgin lead in a resistant casing with zero chance of leaks or spills.

Ideal for use in almost any application, the battery pairs well with dual-purpose needs such as Marine and RV.

Characteristics of Fullriver Full Force Series batteries

LONG LIFE - Full Force AGM batteries typically outlast their wet cell counterparts due to 99.994% pure virgin lead, thick plates, and maintenance free design.

FAST CHARGE - The low ESR of our AGM technology allows charge rates up to 35% of full Ah for faster charging.

LONGER DURABLE - Full Force AGM is constructed with thick pure lead plates and welds over the partition that greatly increase resistance to vibration and shock.

FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION - AGM batteries can be installed in any orientation except upside down, allowing you to place them in places traditional wet cell batteries cannot. AGM batteries are recombinant and don't off-gas like traditional wet cell batteries, which means you can mount them inside the cab.


Fullriver Full Force series batteries are typically used in the following applications:

  • UTVs
  • caravans
  • solar applications
  • nautical
  • Pallet trucks and elevators
  • mobility scooters

and more...

Why buy a FULLRIVER FF battery?

Fullriver FF series batteries feature brass terminals that provide high conductivity and corrosion resistance to ensure worry-free charging and discharging, plus welds on the partition minimize the effects of shock and vibration, ensuring long life useful in the harshest environments.

The technology used by Fullriver "Thin Plate Pure Lead" results in longer battery life and higher power.

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