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Kung Long Company is the only specialized lead-acid battery manufacturer registered in Taiwan.

Kung Long has strict standards for each step of the manufacturing process, along with revolutionary innovations and implementations in the technology system.

The wide range of Long products offers a solution for each type of application.

Long batteries

Because of this, the entire collection of sealed battery products have passed UL's safety standards. They comply with the VdS certification to meet the quality requirements of the security systems market in the European region.

The range of products offered by Long covers all types of applications:

LG series. Batteries specially designed for cyclic use, ideal for wireless communication devices, UPS systems, lawnmowers and more.

WP series. Batteries designed for multipurpose applications such as Electric Scooters, Electric Wheelchairs, Cyclic Medical Devices, Alarm Systems, UPS Systems among many others.

WPS series. Battery series designed for backup and backup power applications ideal for applications such as emergency lighting, UPS systems, telecommunications and more.

WP Watt series. They are batteries designed for high power applications that will offer low impedance and high efficiency discharge performance.

WPL series. Specially designed for long life application, the best choice if you need a battery for Fire Alarm System, Railway Communication Backup System or UPS Backup System and so on.

CWP series. They are long-lasting VRLA batteries specially designed for the storage of solar and wind energy.

Starting series. Designed for use in starting motorcycle or automobile engines.

MSK series. Valve control VRLA lead-acid battery ideal for applications such as large energy storage systems, telecommunications backup systems or emergency backup systems.

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