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The Endurance Pro gel batteries are part of the batteries proposed by the EXIDE brand, which is summarized in more robust batteries for unstoppable fleets. This particular battery will be the best answer to extreme energy demands

The Exide EndurancePRO EFB range is designed to respond to severe cycles and also incorporates the new HVR® (High Vibration Resistance) technology with unparalleled robustness that reduces the risk of premature or unexpected breakdowns. In addition to guaranteeing an excellent response to load and unload cycles and a reduction in plate stratification: The new EndurancePRO EFB exceeds the requirements of vibration tests (Level V4 level in EN50342-1) being the best option for rough terrain or for installation at the rear of the chassis.


  • 50% longer life compared to standard truck batteries
  • With SHD technology: SHD technology Batteries are adhered by heat sealing in the upper and lower parts of the plates, gravity molding and fiberglass separators; excellent vibration resistance and 50% longer cycle life.
  • Low maintenance: Requires topping up with distilled water
  • Enhanced Durability: Designed to last longer than standard truck batteries.
  • Ideal for long-distance trucks equipped with comfort systems to facilitate "life on board".


  • long distance vehicle
  • delivery vehicle
  • Urban bus
  • Conventional industrial vehicle
  • Trucks with tail lifts

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