List of products by brand OPTIMA

Optima batteries are manufactured with the exclusive SPIRALCELL® technology. This pure lead plate spiral single cell technology is specially designed to offer the highest power, high vibration resistance and longest life.

Optima Batteries

Optima batteries have been designed to offer maximum power in the most extreme conditions. In addition, they are designed to withstand 15 times more resistance to vibrations than a conventional battery and a longer life cycle.

There are 3 ranges of Optima batteries:

- Optima Red Top Battery: Designed to offer maximum starting capacity in the toughest working conditions.

- Optima Yellow Top Battery: With high starting power and high cycling capacity, they are the preferred batteries for starting and power supply.

- Optima Blue Top Battery: Specially designed for nautical applications with its double terminal, they offer a safe start with a lot of power and a great resistance to vibrations.

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