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Batteries for truck and trailer fleet companies

If you have a transport company, be it buses, trucks, trailers or heavy vehicles, at you will find a reliable supplier for your vehicle batteries.

Today things are very different for the commercial vehicle sector, truck fleet companies must be aware of the latest laws that establish emission limits, take care that their trucks have more comfort equipment and other additional consumers such as air conditioning and heating. You have to be prepared for changes and try to reduce the CTP. That's why a truck battery today has an added function, which is, in addition to providing the reliable starting power one expects, it must power that extensive electrical equipment.

Your truck fleet will need to be prepared to meet all those extensive equipment demands.

At we are suppliers of batteries for companies that have a fleet of trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles. We will be happy to schedule an appointment by phone if you wish, to discuss what you need.

We will offer you the best option in batteries for vehicles that need maximum power for loading and unloading operations, for circulation in urban traffic, including frequent engine stops. All this, always with batteries that will guarantee the optimal functioning of the equipment, because thanks to our experience and track record, today we offer the best prices on batteries, working only with leading brands in the sector.



Varta batteries are manufactured by the world market leader in batteries. If you are looking for a quality battery that works with the highest reliability, do not hesitate to choose a Varta battery for your truck fleet.



Tudor batteries are manufactured by one of the world's leading battery manufacturing groups: Exide Technologies.



Exide batteries are designed to cover and respond to the highest demands for all types of applications. Major vehicle manufacturers trust Exide as their original equipment supplier.

What are the best batteries for heavy commercial vehicles?

Varta batteries from the ProMotive series incorporate the most advanced and efficient technologies on the market, supplying energy to the increasingly extensive electronic equipment in truck cabins. The German brand is a reference in the sector.

For its part, the Tudor brand has presented its batteries for industrial vehicles that provide great operational advantages, great resistance to vibrations with its HVR technology, in this way it is positioned at the height of the energy requirements of the most demanding.

Likewise, Exide is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of batteries with the most demanding quality standards and the "Made in Europe" seal. It has its most robust battery division focused precisely on unstoppable fleets that represent a lower cost in the management and maintenance of fleets since they require less expense and reduce the risk of breakdown.

Increase the value of your investment. Choose the correct battery for your type of commercial/industrial vehicle and provide a longer and more useful life.


Trust in as a supplier of your vehicle fleet


Quality batteries

At we know the market and we are only going to offer you batteries of the highest quality.

We will always offer you guaranteed quality batteries manufactured by leading brands.

Thanks to our business model, we have managed to offer you top brand batteries at unbeatable prices.


All types of batteries and accumulators

On our website you will find a small sample of all the items we have available: batteries from the main manufacturers as well as vehicle starters, battery testers, professional chargers, etc...

Just tell us what else you need and we will find it for you, as always at the best price!


Free advice

At we have extensive experience in the sale and installation of all types of batteries.

Put yourself in the hands of professionals for all questions related to batteries.

We will help you solve incidents, choose the most suitable battery for your vehicle fleet or find specific battery items: starters, chargers, special terminals, etc.


Delivery 14 hours

We usually work with an external company for the delivery of the batteries where you will receive the product in just 24 - 48 hours, so that you receive the batteries you need directly at your business.

If you need the batteries urgently, you can choose our express delivery service, when you make your purchase today, we will deliver your order tomorrow before 2:00 p.m.

You will be able to get batteries for your fleet of trucks quickly, conveniently in your shop and best of all: at the best price.

Batteries for truck fleet at the best price

If you have been able to browse our website a bit, you will have noticed that our prices are very low, and no, it is not a mistake! We sell top brand batteries as if they were white brands, and this is only due to the high daily turnover of batteries, our +35 year track record precedes us, and it is thanks to this that we are official distributors of leading brands in the sector. In addition, the business has been evolving, and little by little we have been covering every need of our clients. For example, the creation of a club of associated workshops that allows workshops from all over Spain to buy batteries from us at unbeatable prices and save up to 30% of what it would cost elsewhere. Installation at home for all those who left their car lying around at the best time. Express delivery of batteries, the user buys it today and tomorrow before 2:00 p.m. he will have it at his door.

Our business is based on the following pillars: high product turnover and minimal infrastructure. With which, our sales volume allows us to sell at those prices. And that sounds great to us! Now, if you want to be part of those who buy smart, that is, at the best price, from the best brands, recently manufactured products, always accompanied, of course, by the best advice. All you have to do is pick up the phone, tell us about the type of company and vehicles you have and we will give you a solution for all that energy you need to start up.

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