Power Wheelchair Batteries

If you need a wheelchair battery, you are in the right place! We put at your disposal a wide range of deep cycle batteries to equip your electric wheelchair

For electric wheelchairs it is necessary to have GEL or AGM technology batteries. The main characteristics of these batteries are their resistance and discharge capacity (deep cycle). These technologies are characterized by being hermetic (maintenance-free) and sealed (spill-proof). Thanks to this we will obtain maximum safety, for the type of use of mobility and transport that the electric wheelchair requires.

You can mount any type of battery in the electric wheelchair, as long as it adapts to the dimensions of the receptacle. You just have to pay special attention when choosing, because the main risk is safety, since if they are not GEL and AGM batteries, acid spills can occur.

At baterias.com we have Batteries that ensure unmatched cyclical resistance and a long useful life for your device, as we only work with leading brands in the sector. Buy your battery online and receive it comfortably at home with the best price!

Cheap electric wheelchair batteries

We have top brand batteries at very affordable prices, so you just have to make sure you choose the right battery for the brand and model of the electric wheelchair, taking into account some characteristics such as dimensions and capacity.

Check that the dimensions are those allowed in the wheelchair compartment. And for the capacity you will have to follow the indications of the manufacturer of the electric wheelchair, (voltage (V) and capacity (Ah)).

Our sales volume allows us to offer you the best prices on batteries. We have a high battery turnover.

That is the secret of our prices: high volume of sales, minimal structure.

You will be buying the best brands on the market while taking care of your pocket.

Batteries at home

Our website is specialized in the sale of starter batteries, stationary batteries, cyclic batteries and more. Here you can get batteries for all types of vehicles and machines, manufactured by leading brands in the sector.

We seek the greatest satisfaction of our customers, that is why our sales process is very simple:

1) Select the most suitable battery for you. If you have questions, call us and we will help you free of charge and without obligation to select the battery you need. Remember that we only work with top brand batteries.

2) Make the safe purchase of your battery through our website. You can select from multiple forms of payment (credit card, bank transfer, paypal or, if you prefer, cash on delivery)

3) You will receive the battery at home, in just 1 business day

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Buy the battery you need now

Baterias.com has a wide range of traction batteries that provide the performance and lifespan of a deep cycle battery, with the added bonus that it is maintenance-free and non-hazardous.

So do not hesitate and buy your battery now with the greatest security and peace of mind, and receive it comfortably at home!

Free advice on choosing the right battery

If you have any questions about the choice of battery, you can contact us and we will advise you. At baterias.com we offer you an advisory service for choosing your battery totally free and without obligation.

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