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Tudor High-Tech Carbon Boost batteries recharge up to 1.5 times faster thanks to Exide's proprietary application of carbon additives on negative plates. This technique was discovered during the development of the AGM and EFB ranges, and produced better charge acceptance and reduced charge times.


Robust Design Ideal for extreme weather conditions and urban driving (extreme conditions)

Higher power 30% higher starting power

3DX grid Active mass remains fixed on the mesh, resulting in better electrical performance and longer service life

This range of batteries offers us in each of its models a high load capacity as well as a starting power superior to any other conventional battery.

High performance batteries manufactured and prepared to comfortably meet the most demanding conditions of use, offering greater durability and a superior starting intensity.

  • Vehicles with elevated electrical equipment.
  • High displacement engines.
  • 30% more starting power than a standard battery.
  • New alloy with Carbon Enhancer.
  • Recommended for use in extremely cold or hot climates.
  • Exceptional response in intensive urban uses.
  • Totally maintenance free.


For light vehicles

TUDOR batteries

Exide manufactures high-performance batteries for all types of vehicles and machinery.

In Spain, it owns the well-known Tudor brand and has several automobile and industrial battery factories, as well as several battery recycling centers.

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