Batteries for Crane Companies



Batteries for crane companies

We know that roadside assistance work entails great demands, including assisting drivers who have been stranded halfway due to battery failure and so that your company does not have to worry about anything, we will take care of providing your business of all kinds of vehicle batteries so that you can provide a service that leaves the user calm and that complements the professionalism with which you carry out your work.

Provide the road assistance that drivers need with the security of having a battery supplier on hand covering each incident that you attend.

Whether to assist motorcycles, conventional vehicles, vehicles with a start-stop system, vans and trucks. is a benchmark in the sector, and as such we want you to have the security of being able to trust us to go and replace the batteries when the user requests it, above all that you do not have to worry about anything, our batteries are of leading brands, such as Varta, Optima, Tudor, Exide and the best known and most reliable on the market, so the user will always receive the replacement of his battery with the guarantee that a good brand and recently manufactured battery will be installed.



Varta batteries are manufactured by the world market leader in batteries. If you are looking for a quality battery that works with the highest reliability, do not hesitate to choose a Varta battery to replace the battery in your vehicle.



Optima batteries have great resistance to vibrations and a longer useful life. Ideal for high performance in both starting and deep cycle applications. They are batteries with long useful life designed for any situation.



Exide batteries are designed to cover and respond to the highest demands for all types of applications. Major vehicle manufacturers trust Exide as their original equipment supplier.

Home instalation service

If your company offers a battery replacement service for cars and motorcycles at home, you can count on us, we will help you manage any incident that has to do with carrying out the battery replacement.

Complement the assistance you provide to your users by offering battery installation to anyone who has stopped halfway. Always in a specialized and professional manner, since we have an extensive catalog that covers all the leading brands in the sector, we have unbeatable prices and qualified personnel to go to the place and resolve the incident.


Trust in as a supplier of your crane company


Quality batteries

At we know the market and we are only going to offer you batteries of the highest quality.

We only work with batteries manufactured by leading brands.

Thanks to our business model we have top brand batteries at unbeatable prices.


All types of batteries and accumulators

On our website you will find a small sample of all the items we have available: batteries from the main manufacturers as well as vehicle starters, battery testers, professional chargers, etc...

Just tell us what else you need and we will find it for you, as always at the best price!


Free advice

At we have extensive experience in the sale and installation of all types of batteries.

Put yourself in the hands of professionals for all questions related to batteries.

We will help you solve incidents, choose the most suitable battery for your vehicle fleet or find specific battery items: starters, chargers, special terminals, etc.


Delivery 24/48 hours

We usually work with an external company for the delivery of the batteries where you will receive the product in just 24 - 48 hours, so that you receive the batteries you need directly at your business.

If you need the batteries urgently, you can choose our express delivery service, when you make your purchase today, we will deliver your order tomorrow before 2:00 p.m.

Manage all incidents efficiently and professionally with

Batteries for your crane company at the best price

Take a look at our website and compare, you will see that our prices are very low, and no, it is not a mistake! We sell top brand batteries at private label prices, and this is solely due to the high daily turnover of batteries, our +35 year track record precedes us, and it is thanks to this that we are official distributors of leading brands in the sector. . In addition, the business has been evolving, and little by little we have been covering every need of our clients.

We want the best for our customers, which is why we consider high product turnover and minimal infrastructure to be the pillars of our business. What allows us to sell quality products at the best price? Our sales volume, which we think is great! Now, if you want to be part of those who buy smart, that is, at the best price, only top brands, recently manufactured batteries and the best advice. All you have to do is pick up the phone, tell us about the type of company and vehicles you have and we will give you a solution for all that energy you need to start up.

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