If you need to buy a battery for classic cars or buy a battery for cars with standard equipment, look no further, you have come to the right place!

Cheap batteries for classic cars

Exide's Classic range batteries are batteries designed for classic and basic conventional vehicles. They are an economic solution only for this type of vehicle.

Exide is the first in the market to add a distinctive "CAUTION" label to its Premium, Excell and Classic batteries, to ensure they are only installed in cars NOT equipped with a Start Stop system.

Ideal for cars with basic power needs.

Why buy an Exide Classic battery?

Exide is a leading global company in the manufacture and marketing of batteries, it represents the latest in technology and the most demanding quality standard, with products always accompanied by the "Made in Europe" seal, both for the replacement market and for the first equipment (OE).

Call the customer service department

If you have any questions about choosing the battery for your vehicle, you can contact us and we will advise you. At baterias.com we offer you a completely free and non-binding advice service for choosing your battery.

Also, once you receive the battery for your car, you can call us to help you install the battery in your car.

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